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Balancing school work with social life 

This is an area which I am still working to figure out. I have long since acknowledged that I work better with integrating both areas, and creating strict timetables to manage both areas. My closest friends are persons who I have fun with, but I’m also able to sit and study with. They are disciplined enough to respect the time we have agreed on as study time, and are cool enough to make the most of the time which we have dedicated to being social. I think the biggest thing with this balancing act is ensuring that you have the self-discipline to stay true to the times which you have set aside for completing assignments or studying, and also surrounding yourself with a person or a few persons who will hold you accountable to keeping these two things balanced.  

Staying mentally healthy as a college student 

Mental health is important to me, so much so that I built one of my platform initiatives around this topic. If I am not at my best, I am unable to fulfill my responsibilities to the best of my ability. The biggest thing I have learned this past year is how to say ‘no’. This is a small, yet powerful word that allows me to be assertive and realistic about what I can handle. I sometimes find myself saying ‘yes’ to more things than I can handle, which leads to me being stressed and unable to properly complete any of the tasks which I agreed to. Being realistic with myself allows me to only agree to things which I have the capacity to handle, and eliminates the guilt which sometimes come with having to say ‘no’. Since I stopped trying to be superwoman, I have had the chance to properly focus on my tasks and also allow myself to rest and perform at maximum capacity. 

Daily rituals to keep you going

Something that works well for me is taking time to center myself in the mornings before I open emails or start reading messages. This allows me to clear my head, and to make a little time for myself before I start to worry about all the things that I have to get done. I love music, and so every morning before I go to classes or before I get my day started I will listen to ‘I Hope You Dance’ by Lee Ann Womack which encourages me to seize the day and to ‘dance’ – both literally and figuratively. Another thing that keeps me going is also carving out time to speak with my friends and family throughout the day, especially the ones which are not close by. Staying in touch with persons who are still in Jamaica allows me to not only stay current on the things happening in my country, but also allows me to always experience a taste of home everyday.

Inspiring words for others 

The hardest part about student leadership is actually deciding to run for a position or deciding to accept the level of responsibility which comes with it. Once you take this first step, though, things become a lot easier. There will always be support systems around you – whether it is your peers, administrators, and sometimes even from strangers. Do not allow the fear of failure to prevent you from going for the opportunities which you want to pursue. Your unique experiences and perspectives are your selling points, and will help you to be successful in any role you step into. Just take the first step and each day will work itself out.  

About Sainna Christian

Sainna was born and raised in Clarendon, Jamaica and attended the Glenmuir High School. She later matriculated to the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. Sainna spent a year at UWI, Mona where she pursued a double major: Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. After her first year at UWI, Mona, Sainna transitioned to living and studying in the United States where she is currently a junior at LeMoyne-Owen College in Memphis, TN. She studies Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and has completed a number of internship and professional development workshops.

Sainna serves as the Student Government Association president for the 2019- 2020 academic year and is also involved in the Academic Aid Association as a tutor and a member of the W.E.B. DuBois Honor Society, for which she is required to maintain an above 3.3 GPA. Aside from being involved on campus, Sainna is a member of STS Elite: Setting the Standard Enterprise, a non-profit leadership development organization based in Memphis. Sainna serves as a Jopwell U Campus Ambassador and also works as an Equity Research Analyst with BLK Capital Management, a long-short equity hedge fund which manages over $100,000 AUM.

Sainna completed an internship in Summer 2019 at Citigroup in their Sophomore Leadership Program where she rotated through Sales and Trading, Corporate Banking, and Citi Private Bank. She will be joining JPMorgan Chase & Co. in summer 2020 as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst in New York City. Sainna’s dream is to work in the financial services industry in NYC and she has steadily approached this dream with each opportunity she has been granted. When found with some down time, Sainna enjoys reading and engaging her friends in spirited discussions. She is an only child and enjoys listening to afrobeats and exploring new places to eat. Sainna is passionate about women empowerment and hopes to work towards emphasizing women’s need to lean in and take a seat at the table.

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