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Mrs. Shedly Casseus Parnther is an Award Winning College & Scholarship Advisor, Producer & Author of The Scholarship Plug, Mentor, Student Advisor and so much more. Shedly is dedicated to helping students and families understand that college is attainable despite the stigma it gets around affordability. She encourages students to apply to as many scholarships through the 100 Scholarship Challenge. Commonly known as “The Scholarship Plug,” her program brings awareness to students about available scholarships, student programs, jobs, test information, important deadlines and community events, career tips, and more. She does this through social media, community workshops, her YouTube channel, and her new book “How to Apply for Scholarships in 5 Easy Steps.” A little over a year old, The Scholarship Plug has garnered major support from students, families, and the community.
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We had the pleasure to speak with Shedly via Instagram Live, and she shared some very passionate insight on how students can attend college with little to debt, by obtaining scholarships.

Click the flyer to Listen to the full interview below. Interviewed by Ime Essien