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A recent grad of “THEE” Jackson State University and member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., gives us an insight on attending a Historically Black College and surviving the pandemic after graduation. Jordan Jefferson, a 22-year-old native of Jackson, Mississippi, says that when someone asks how he’s feeling any day, he responds with, “I’m stressed, blessed and Christmas obsessed”. A great way to start everyday.

Starting college as a Mass Comm Major but ultimately changing to Political Science his sophomore year. His reason being, “I wanted to get more in the political arena and understand the differences between federal, state and local and to apply it to society and what I want to do with my life”, he said.

 Jordan had this to say about how Jackson State University gave him his own platform to become who he is today:

“The shortfall of the pandemic happening abruptly has actually been a blessing for me on how to apply myself to life. We take for granted that we always have tomorrow and I didn’t have tomorrow. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I started reaching out, applying for internships, including the Congressional Black Caucus internships for the upcoming Summer”, he said. After a house internship, the young man is now a full-time staff assistant for Congressman Bennie Thompson, United States Representative of Mississippi’s second Congressional District.  

Highlighting that every Black American deserves an All-Black experience for foundation, identity, comfortability and awareness in their communities. Attending an HBCU, you experience the foundation, culture and see for your own eyes the transformation an HBCU brings about.

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