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Graduation just passed and I’m ready to get started with life after college!”—22 year old Tennessee State University Graduate, Braxton Simpson, is a lady-boss with a purpose. Achieving Alumna status by obtaining not one, but two Bachelor of Science Degree’s. Both in Agricultural Science with a concentration in Agricultural Business along with Political Science, preparing to start post graduation life with a career opportunity in Agriculture.

When asked how did her HBCU experience impact her in today, she responded saying, “Tennessee State University was the exact place I needed to be when I left high school and it had definitely transformed me into the woman that I am today. I would say that my HBCU just took a girl who knew and had an idea that she wanted to be great but didn’t know exactly where to go and what path to take. The family atmosphere at Tennessee State University is just unmatched.” 

Through this you find a unique experience and opportunity to be apart of an HBCU family. Learn more about your culture. Get outside of your comfort zone, become the best you can be or as Braxton says, “Leaving much better than I came”. 

There’s a long list that this young woman has accomplished. From running for Ms. Freshmen, to getting involved with the Student Government Association. Later that year, being initiated into the Alpha Psi chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., serving as Chapter President and serving on the international mass committee as a leadership fellow. All while also being student trustee at Tennessee State University serving 2 terms on the university’s board. 

When asked, “How do you do all of this while obtaining 2 degrees?”, this was her response, “I honestly feel like God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle and I live by that.” Seems pretty simple if applied correctly. Stay organized and tentatively plan out your days, weeks and even months. Stay ahead of the game so you never fall short. 

In Braxton’s business ventures she has recently launched Braxton Simpson Enterprises, LLC. Working to bring people from passion to practice. Helping them with branding, marketing, training HBCU students and helping them develop their campaigns. She has also launched, “In The Skin”. A podcast designed for young black women such as herself to discuss issues that impact the Black-Female community. Last but not least, a clothing line that promotes black symbolism and awareness named Underground Apparel. 

“There is someone out there depending on you to be authentically who you are–to walk fully in your purpose, and by doing so– you give everyone coming behind you, the permission to become exactly who they are destined to be.

You can find Braxton in her IG page here.

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