Rapper Megan Thee Stallion visits her Alma Mater to give Scholarship Money to the Students

Most students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities have the privilege of saying that a celebrity attended their school. Rapper Megan Thee Stallion, is present among the long list of these notable alumni. According to CNN Entertainment, in 2021 the artist graduated from Texas Southern University, with a degree in health administration.

However, Megan is not just a three time Grammy winning artist, or successful graduate. She also holds a philanthropic heart, from which she gives back to her community. Among her endeavors of community service Megan has partnered with Frito Lay®  to create the Flamin’ Hot University. According to snacks.com, Flamin’ Hot University holds curriculum online in three categories, those being, food, fashion, and lifestyle. The university is partially funded by paraphernalia which is designed by Melody Eshani. 

Yet with Megan as the face, the Flamin’ Hot University does more than provide fun
recipes and styling tips to college students. They have also recognized the monetary burden that
is placed on many young scholars.

Putting herself through college on her own, Megan is well aware of the financial
struggles that University students face. Therefore, on this past Wednesday–Nov. 8th 2023–
Megan, along with Flamin Hot® visited her hometown of Houston, to surprise students of
Texas Southern.

In this surprise, various graduating seniors were given scholarships from money raised by
the Flamin’ Hot® team.

According to the tsu.edu, Megan sat down to speak about her hopes for the scholarship
with the university’s Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications–Tracy
Clemons. In the interview, captured by KHOU 11, Megan states “I wanted to take a burden off of
the students, who probably felt like, dang how am I gon’ get through school”.

Through Flamin’ Hot University. Megan and Frito Lay® gave 175,000, which was
divided among twenty graduating seniors. Ultimately Megan’s surprise served as both a blessing,
and exciting memory for those students at Texas Southern.

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