Alabama State Reveals their new Golf Clubhouse

At the turn of the millennium the introduction of golfer Tiger Woods, introduced several people in the black community to the world of golfing. 

Yet the sport of golf is one that is consistently overlooked among young African American children. Many having dreams of dominating in the stereotypical basketball or football, have no interest in the “slow” sport. 

Yet one HBCU is working to challenge this narrative. On Monday Nov. 27, Alabama State University, in Montgomery Ala., unveiled their new Golf Clubhouse. This made the school one of the first Historically Black Colleges to have any facility at that caliber. 

According to an article by, written by Kenneth Mullinax, the creation of the clubhouse was a part of the goals held by the golf teams’ coach, Quincy Heard. 

A quote from Heard states “This clubhouse will help make our current players better trained, our team more visible, and attract new quality golf-students to attend ASU and play golf for us”. 

Heard continues to explain his desires for the team hoping to recruit more female golfers for the team. As well as the objective of creating a team of student golfers whose opportunities, and facilities match their performance.

Often the sports amenities at HBCUs are considered subpar, or even non-existent, compared to their PWI counterparts.

This new space at Alabama State dispels many of those negative stereotypes. Not only is it a first in the space of Historically Black Universities, but it also has the capacity to compete with several reputable and Division 1 athletic programs, as noted by the athletic director Quincy Cable.

Cable also stated “Golf is the sport that keeps on giving as it plays an integral role as a ‘life sport’ that many continue to compete in far into their life.- Athletic Director Quincy Cable”

According to Cable the hope with this facility is to introduce the sport of golf to beyond just those on the team. In his quote he explains how the sport teaches many integral life skills. 

Cables anticipation is to integrate these skills into the greater student body, and community, thoroughly implementing the use of the facility.  

At the time of its completion the presence of this facility will unquestionably provide the University with a unique and competitive outlet in the realm of golf, and athletics.

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