Joining Campus Organizations and Being a Student Leader at an HBCU 

A Synopsis of the Campus Rundown show on 8/29/2023

Joining campus organizations and student leadership is a piece of the college experience that can positively affect you past graduation. On a recent episode of The Campus Rundown show, students engaged in dialogue concerning the intricacies of  participating in campus organizations at HBCUs. Within their discussion the co-hosts–Kevin Keys: Miles College Alum, Rebekka Henry of Spelman College, Zabrion Moser of Claflin University, and Mi’Jan Credle of Bowie State University–shared their perspectives on the realities of being an involved student on campus. 

The hosts began with the critical conversation of freshman interaction with upperclassmen, specifically in regards to romantic relationships. Often, as freshmen matriculate into their first year of college they may acquire feelings of loneliness, and longing. These overwhelming emotions can make it easy for many to become enticed by the prospect of becoming romantically involved with students older than them. When speaking on this subject Zabrion Moser states “upperclassmen think because they are the upperclassmen they can take advantage”. He also notes that often freshmen are foolish and fall into this trap, usually ending with their heartbroken. His peer Rebekka Henry then furthers the point by mentioning that dealing with dating another person on top of finding yourself is difficult. She states “relationships are heavy” and most times it is best to focus on understanding yourself first. The message of Moser and Henry serves as a reminder to all incoming college freshmen: Do not let yourself get taken advantage of.

Furthermore, the group attacked the topic of campus life, specifically in the genre of organizations. To become a leader on campus, it is important to get involved. However, the expectations of being in leadership positions can be extremely grueling. Kevin Keys broke down the essentiality of preventing burn out while being in a leadership position. Keys expresses “Everyones putting their battles on you, you will burn out if you don’t take time for yourself”. As a leader it is imperative to serve as an example for your peers. Nevertheless, a proper example can not last if one is too broken down to do their job properly. 

Mi’Jan Credle also united his co-hosts to share times they may have felt pushed to their limits as Student leaders. He then shared his own story of the importance of knowing when you have to pick certain battles. He mentions that not all headaches are worth it, therefore choosing a passion to fight for is important. 

Yet despite all of the difficulties that accompany being involved on an HBCU campus, student leader positions can help one discover who they are. The hosts end by encouraging students who are interested in joining organizations. They stress the significance of stepping into one’s character while vying for a leadership position. A part of attending college is to transform into the person God created you to be. As you accept a position in an organization it becomes a further extension of yourself, as you showcase what it means to you to be a leader.

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