This 21-year-old HBCU Grad is Running for Michigan State Representative

In the world of politics, fresh faces with innovative ideas and a commitment to change are always welcome. Meet Kevin Keys, a 21-year-old Detroit native and HBCU graduate from Miles College, who is making waves in the political arena as a candidate for Michigan State Representative. Currently pursuing his graduate studies at Texas Southern University, Kevin is not your typical candidate. His inspiring journey, and dedication to community empowerment, dates back to his younger days growing up in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. “I’ve always had a passion for activism, creating change and effective change at that,” Keys stated. This passion for activism and change led him to pursue higher education at his alma mater. Miles College, where he served in many leadership positions.

In this exclusive article, we will delve into Kevin’s remarkable journey, explore his campaign, “Keys 2 Success,” and uncover how his experiences at an HBCU and his student leadership positions have uniquely prepared him for the challenges and opportunities of running for public office. But that’s not all – at the end of this piece, you can also find a link to our video interview with Kevin, where he shares firsthand insights into his campaign and vision for a better Michigan.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Kevin below, as he goes into detail more about his HBCU experience and his campaign. 

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