ESPN First Take to visit HBCU campuses.

Earlier this year, Stephen A. Smith got the NFL Hall of Famer and former Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe to join him on ESPN’s hottest morning show, First Take.

Now, the two HBCU alums will visit their respected alma mater, Winston-Salem State University and Savannah State University. They will visit Sharpe’s old stomping grounds first, where he cemented a legacy on the football field like no other for the Tigers.

On Nov. 6th, First Take will be live on the Savannah State campus. “This is the best news for me and for everybody to see where I matriculated at. Where I earned my degree,” said Sharpe when this opportunity was presented to him. 

Then, on Nov. 7th, the show will be live on the campus of Winston-Salem, Smith’s alma mater, where he graduated in 1991. 

Since the two HBCU alums teamed up, the viewership of First Take has skyrocketed immensely, and the numbers continue to grow. 

According to reports on the days Shannon Sharpe appears on First Take, Monday, and Tuesday, the viewership is up 22% compared to the same days last year. They average 671,500 viewers on the days Sharpe is on the show.

First Take is usually shot on set in New York, but they will do a live show with a crowd in the back for more significant sports events like the Super Bowl. Well, for two days in Nov., they will be changing the set, and the Super Bowl isn’t being played.

Smith had brought the idea up to Sharpe on his podcast, The Stephen A. Smith Show, “If I remember correctly, you did go to Savannah State University… Is that not an HBCU? My alma mater, Winston-Salem State University, is that not an HBCU? I’m working on bringing First Take to both universities.” 

Stephen A. kept his word, Winston-Salem State will show what it means to be a Ramily, and Savannah State will show Tiger pride when First Take comes to campus.

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